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Love Poems For Him

Love poems are one of the most romantic gestures you can use to express the feelings of love and commitment you have for a special person.
Whether it is for your boyfriend or husband, for a special occasion or just an ordinary day, creating a poem that speaks of your true emotions is something that he will really appreciate and never ever forget.

A Beautiful Love Poem For Him

By a fleeting touch of your hand
You light up my skin and my heart
And I know that you are the man
With whom I just can't bare to part.
I feel love and passion so deep
That I'd rather spend every night
Watching you quietly as you sleep,
Shining softly with love so bright.
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Writing Your Own Love Poem For Him
But before you get a blank piece of paper and a pen, you have to know that writing a love poem actually takes serious hard work, some creativity, and a lot of patience. To help you create a masterpiece that will truly be evocative of how you really feel, read on to these wonderful pointers on how to write a love poem for your special someone.

Let the poem come from your heart

When it comes to writing a love poem, probably the most important tip you will get is to write from the heart and not from your mind. It would be easier to compose a poem of love if you let out your emotions and let them speak through your pen. If you hold your feelings, chances are all you will be able to produce is a piece of paper with a few doodles and a couple of words. Here are more techniques on how to go about this.

- Think about what you feel Close your eyes and think about your loved one. What kind of feelings do you get when you imagine him? Do you feel your knees melting like butter? Does your heart beat faster? Do you hands feel sweaty? Can't you help yourself from giving an ear-to-ear smile? Capture these emotions and put them into writing.

- Collect memories from your memory bank Remember the first time you met, your first date together, the first movie you watched, and all the good and bad times you have been through. Memories make great poems and you can share with your loved one how each of this memory is special because you had it with him.

Choose a theme

There are different kinds of poem and choosing a specific theme will make it easier for you to structure a poem in a coherent manner. After you have gathered all your thoughts, choose only those that will complement the theme. Themes can be anything from a story of how you first met, an expression of everything you feel about him, top things you adore about your sweetheart, and so on.

Get inspiration somewhere

One way to get creative sparks flying is to get inspiration somewhere else. You can do this by going to the places you have been with your boyfriend or husband or by reading romantic poems made by other people. Just make sure that you don't copy anything.

Use metaphors

When writing a love poem, it is a wonderful idea to use metaphors to be able to encapsulate your emotions more effectively. If you want to tell your lovey-dovey that you love him so much, you can do so by saying, "My love for you is bigger than the Eiffel Tower" or if you want to express how you feel when you are with him, you can write, "y heart always does a back-flip when you wrap your arms around me." If you let emotions come from your heart, writing metaphors will be a cinch.

Revise until you perfect it

Structure is just as important as content so you need to get the grammar, spelling, and flow right. Proofread many times before you give it to your loved one. Better yet, have someone else proofread it for you. This way, you also get a second opinion regarding the content of your poem.

Avoid cliches

Be sure to make the poem personal. Avoid cliches at all costs! If you are going to use metaphors, never ever write old phrases like, "you are the apple of my eyes" or "your love makes my world go 'round." More cliches to steer clear from include "words cannot express how I feel," "you are the love of my life," "you are my sunshine," and "I've never felt this way before." Also, never use anything that you heard from a song. Not only would that reflect bad taste, that is just wrong.

As long as you write from the heart and you strive to structure the poem correctly, you will have no difficulty in composing a love poem that your sweetheart would surely love.

Love Poem For Him Example

Since the day we first met,
I knew it was love,
God answered my prayers,
you came down from above...

You gave me your heart,
and taught me to trust,
for the first time ever,
it was more than just lust.

Your sweet loving words,
are not to be compared,
I am forever your partner,
my soul I have bared...

Every day I wake up,
with a smile a mile long,
I know that we are solid,
I know that we are strong.

So never put into question,
my feelings being true,
because I have found my one and only,
And I will always love you.

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