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The Apple Of Your Eyes

Apple Of Your Eyes
Author: Santhosh Shenoy

When was it that I met you, honeydew
From that moment I immediately knew

Someone so very special, that you are always
To have a vision of you I glanced sideways.
You are so cute, a Barbie doll, I don't want to mute
A soft voice and a shy look, I was totally shook!

Then and there I fell, struck in the midst
Stumped by the beauty of your radiant eyes.
You swept me away with a blink of an eye,
One thing that's something I cannot deny.

An innocent girl with kindness in those eyes
Charming and alluring are those lovely eyes,
Exotic they are, like the shiny morning dew
Sunshine they project, of love they bestow.

A sparkle just comes from your bewitching eyes
And love shines from those enchanting eyes.
When I am with you, I cannot blink an eyelid
For I can't say, what pulls me to your face.

Into your enticing eyes I look, lost in thoughts
How I wish I could forever, gaze on and on
Into your tempting eyes every time I look,
In innumerable strings of memories I'm lost ...

Into those spellbinding pools I gaze and gaze
Leaving the whole world speechless behind me
A billion stars I see in them, shiny and bright
Eyes of compassion, dark and tender delight.

The mischievous glow or a fluky tender glance
Most lethal they are when I see in your eyes
For I realize, what they do to me is unknown
They melt me like the blazing sun melts snow.

Seductive are those enchanting twin pools you have
Particularly when you gaze at me with dreamy eyes
Captivating eyes I love, those enticing twinkling eyes,
Thousand things they speak, those enthralling eyes.

Of compassion they speak, of love they tell
Of heartfelt desire or disgust they convey.
You smile with those eyes, those eyes upbeat
When you accomplish, there is nothing to beat.

I see a spinning whirlwind of dark playful eyes
They don't resemble a sea, but a smiling pool.
Your bewitching eyes, they speak to me always
Eyes to eyes, in silence, without breaking gaze.

For I never knew eyes could speak volumes
Far better than words, until I saw yours ...
Windows held open, they are, for what they show
Your innermost desires and dreams they reflect on.

Everywhere I go, those dazzling eyes follow
Showering me with love, affection and glow.
With a cute smile, they brightly sparkle a gaze
Fueling my heartfelt dormant desires ablaze.

I find myself staring at nature through those eyes
Green fields I see in them, with beauty and trees.
I don't know how I can keep resisting those eyes
Like a pleasant dream, they follow me everywhere.

Struck for words I was, till the end of sunset
For strings of words couldn't escape my tongue,
I wrote in whispers and spoke in empty pages
For reluctant I was, for most part of the day.

Soft spoken are those eyes, when it seem they tire
With dreaminess in them, I want to hold them near.
I look into my form reflecting in your eyes
Eyes like a shore and eyelashes like tides.

Lost in the shore, washed away by the tides
You ought to know my dear, that one day.
To the beautiful shore, I will come crashing
Swept by the irresistible pull of the tide.
It evokes boundless memories untold,
And leaves me gasping on the shore.

Gazing into your eyes when we first met
I knew those eyes were heaven sent.
In these eyes I see a majestic light
In that our eyes meet and flutter,
The world seems appareled in celestial light,
Like the glory and freshness of your eyes.

It glows and glows as I drown in the light,
How I wish to jump and drown forever.

I consider myself lucky enough,
The day I experience its warmth.

What more could I wish for thereby
Than being the Apple of your Eyes.

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