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I Wish I Could Be A Smile On Your Lips

I Wish I Could Be A Smile On Your Lips
Author: Santhosh Shenoy

I wish I could be a smile on your lips, if I could
Or turn into a melodious song wherever I stood
To this magic, to this song, all I wish to buckle
Is wanting to add a new and bright sparkle...

I even let go of the stars that come and peep
Into my room all night, for little do they know
That the full moon, shiny and bright is singing
For me, in voices only I can hear and feel.

It's because of your love, that even without sound,
I seem to hear you, every time and get a new call.
Your voice, soothing they are, laughing water to my ears
The moment you smile, my body and mind are relieved,
For its what lets our life's gardens bloom all along.

The beautiful magic of the moon, to which I surrender
And the dazzling bloom of the night flowers
That spread their seducing fragrance all around
Oh flowers, please tell me where has my moon gone?

The shiny full moon that used to lighten up my heart
The moon which used to shine brighter than other stars
Early morning rays, please describe it for me
Is there a light emerging from the aisles of darkness?
If so, Please show me the illuminating rays of light.

Which is the dream? Which is the truth?
I have absolutely no clue, for I am in sea
Your strong attraction has made me crazy now
I am no longer conscious of the whereabouts.

Nobody has ever tried to, torture me like you do
for, I am totally tortured in your love
Nobody has ever loved someone, like I love you now
You should surely believe this, my love.

At times, when I stand encompassed in the dark
I wilted feverishly, but you stood there ignorant
And at peace, completely unaware, is that fine?

I don't need anything else, now that I have seen you,
I let go of even the brightest stars in the night sky
You created a magic all around, everywhere, and now
To this new age magic, I wish to add a new star
A star that makes my dormant desires shine bright
A star that I would like to have with me forever.

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